Are You An Overworked Burnt-Out Entrepreneur?

Are You An Overworked Burnt-Out Entrepreneur?

These days many small business owners need assistance with getting on with jobs they just don’t have any time for.  

Can A VA Prevent A Small Business Owner From Becoming Burnt-Out?

Very few entrepreneurs access the support of a Virtual Assistant (VA). Why you may ask? This could be because most people seem to think it’s a luxury to have one.

For those small business owners’ who do have a VA, they are the ones who really need the support just to stay on top of the admin workload which cannot generally get done during an average working day.

In order to fulfil business commitments, business owners must dedicate a lot of their attention, time and effort to ensure they have covered all bases within their company. This means wearing many hats and playing many roles.

A standard small business will have several departments, which all need consistent facilitating on a regular basis.

These departments could be:

  1. Clerical
  2. Marketing and Sales
  3. Finance
  4. Operations
  5. Customer Service

Just to name a few…

If you’re a solo-preneur, manning the delivery of your core service, and the same person facilitating all the other departments, then you must be exhausted! “There has to be a better way?” I hear you say!

There surely is… and for a fraction of the time and cost it would take to hire permanent in-house staff the old fashion way.

Business owners’ tend to do a huge amount of work by themselves leading to the deterioration of their performance and not functioning as productively as they’d like, undoubtedly this would be a good reason to let a VA step in asap!

These days many small business owners need assistance to get on with jobs they just don’t have any time for. And having a Virtual Assistant who can provide your business with modernised admin support and personal assistance that is intuitive, receptive and proactive can only be a bonus.

Duties for your Virtual Assistant:

  1.  Sought and Categorise Leads For Database Purposes
  2. Sought and Disseminate Marketing Material
  3. Monitor Marketing Campaigns Whilst Using a CRM
  4. Process Sales and Raise Invoices Promptly
  5. Schedule Appointments and Meetings
  6. Social Media Updates and
  7. Liaise With Clients/Customers

If you’re the only person doing everything all day every day, then inevitably you will become burnt out before you’ve even seen any success in your business. This is not the way to go, especially if you’re planning to have a thriving business.

When you have a VA that understands your workload, can prepare and maintain daily activities in a timely and organised fashion and can work without your supervision, then this will help reduce your schedule immensely as well as possibly prevent the deterioration of your company standards.

So as your company moves towards the most conducive way to achieve immediate goals, reaching out to a VA should mean that the level of your workload is significantly reduced as a result. Therefore instead of having to find the time to go over areas of work that should have been dealt with, you now have more time to focus on the growth and positioning of your business.

Any small business owner seeking to hire a VA should always take into consideration whether this support increases or delays the accomplishments of the business. Another thing to consider is how this choice will determine the overall fluidity of the day and the overall impact it will hold on day to day company practices. Your clients and customers will surely see the difference.

What matters most of all is that your duties have been completed on time and that you no longer have to worry about making sacrifices to carry out the tasks your VA is more than capable of doing.

Nowadays you can utilise the support of a VA at a fraction of what it would costs to hire in-house staff the old fashion way. To compare these costs please see our comparison chart.

When your back-office duties are taken care of, your business will subsequently benefit and grow.


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