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Creating a budget will require pulling together different types of information.
24 Apr 19 
Before looking anywhere else for the suitability of a particular office resource, consider what we have to say about it! 

Use our blogs, infographics, articles and reviews to help you make an informed decision. ​​

There's a lot to consider before looking for a remote data clerk. 
03 Apr 19
When the time arrives for being creative we can tend to think of the most obvious ways to express ourselves. As humans we sometimes limit the way we communicate our inner thoughts and feelings, and as a result, we don't truly demonstrate our vision.

This isn't how it has to be!

Today's digital era has given us a wealth of tools and numerous platforms to enable the compendium of limitless information using both text and self-descriptive graphics. 
Here at
Virtually My Office, our blogs contain both text and graphics (infographics) with hopes of sharing with our readers useful and rich examples of how we all can experiment with these elements of information. 

31 Jan 19 
Why hiring a remote administrator can grow 
your business.

24 Apr 19 
31 Jan 19
18 Sept 18 
With nearly every type of accessory becoming digital, how useful is a diary?
It's not a luxury to have a VA, it's a necessity.​
07 Jun18 
At Your Fingers 
Why technology has given businesses access to additional support. 
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