Admin Assistance offers remote administrative and secretarial support services, to assist entrepreneurs’ with managing the company’s back-office workload together with customer service interaction. 

As a small business you can now gain the necessary support you require for the delegation of your company’s admin commitments – to process, store and maintain company record keeping, in addition to building sustainable usable data management systems that can facilitate fluid accessibility.

Our remote admin services accommodate a number of industries and work in tandem with your particular practices’ and flare.

‘Your time is precious…, so gain it back by using the secretarial services.’

Be in the right place, at the right time. Now you can do what you do best!

Always Here For Your Business

Just think of all the things you could get done, when you know your office work has been completely taken care of.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like – if you needed a file, and found it, what if you wanted to order supplies and it had already been done or if you needed a current list of inventory, and it was there?

Admin Assistance will keep your business up to date and ticking over just the way you like it, and whilst you’re away from your desk, you’ll never have to worry about sacrificing any more of your precious time sorting out admin work.

‘Love what you do…, get the admin support that puts a smile back on your face…’

Satisfy and Fulfil Your Needs

The form of remote admin support you attain will depend on the relevance to the products/services you supply.

As a way of making things a little bit easier, all the services offered at Admin Assistance are tailored specifically for you. They are very flexible and straight forward to obtain.

Whether your business is always on the road, seasonal, or voluminous in production, if you’re a freelancer, oversee a small team or manage a chain of services.

Finding the right administrative process is easy when you know how.

You can now get on and do what you love. Being the best at what you do!

Services and Tasks

Below are examples of ways you can put together services and tasks.




Whatever administrative task you require, and it can be found at Admin Assistance, go ahead and get the job done today!

Every example of tasks highlighted within each service department above are available at your request. All administrative and secretarial duties requested will be carried out at your convenience. 

Admin Assistance also provides access to supporting platforms and software that assist with the secure transferring and sharing of company data.

If you would like to find out more, please use this form to contact Admin Assistance.