Remote Administrator Services

Admin Assistance offers a variety of supportive services that benefit a range of administrative needs.

Admin Support To Suit You

Simplistic and Convenient

Simplicity is at the forefront of all of the virtual administrative services supplied by Admin Assistance.

If you like things to be compact and manageable, Admin Assistance offers tailored ' Packages '. These packages are fixed hourly amounts of time, set-aside to enable you to gauge the frequency of your proposed objectives as well as the duration of each project. 

You can also organise your workload into controllable tasks that specify some of the general office duties you may need covered on a regular basis, and when using this website you'll notice there are an array of example office duties called ' Tasks '  to give you an idea of what Admin Assistance can do for you.

When you mix and match your Tasks  with your Packages , this should then assist you with the allocation of all your work.
Admin Assistance provides a wide range of administrative support services that are suitable for both individuals and small – medium size businesses (SMEs).

Admin Assistance can assist you with all your typing, word processing and data entry requirements together with supplying you with the tools, resources and know-how, that are otherwise not immediately accessible to you anywhere else.

Businesses will also receive ongoing direct focussed attention, in order to help with company record keeping, amongst building sustainable internal data management processes that can cope with various streams of data.

The services are flexible, cost effective and convenient to your needs. ​​
What To Do?
  1. 0
    Step 1
    Browser Through The Service Options
  2. 1
    Step 2
    Choose Your Tasks and Package
  3. 2
    Step 3
    Use The Contact Form To Send Your Requests
Once you've chosen the tasks and package that best suit you, go to the Contact Form , add each  Task  along with the appropriate  Package and then click submit.

It's as simple as that!

Service Departments

    The Hour Service is perfect for every now and then use. Use this service to contact several clients, filter or sort data, create a database or transfer and process essential updates. This service can also be used to gather information required for disseminating to a particular group in your contact list.
    The Interactive Centre is a service used to deliver impeccable online customer support. By using the Interactive Centre, your online customers will still experience the same high quality of care and attention as if they had been served directly by the business owner him/herself. This service will be the traffic medium to help you serve and retain your current and new customers', plus having this service in place will make sure you never miss out on a sale again.
    The Record Management Service is an organisational processing system for company information. The service is vital to businesses’ that need to consistently stay on top of company record keeping. If your company constantly needs to update client records, supplier/distributor sheets and financial data on a regular basis. This is the best service for you. SME businesses that do not have the resources nor the staff to carry out these essential business updates, will gain immensely from this service.
    The Ongoing Personnel Service is what most SME businesses urgently require. This service will assist your company on a day to day basis to ensure all your administrative tasks are met and maintained as well as increase the overall productivity of the company on a wider scale. Your company will directly benefit from this experienced admin support as well as the online personnel used to communicate with client’s and business contacts on your behalf.
    The Organisation Service is for companies that require internal structuring. If your company is about to put into place new internal systems or do a little restructuring. This service can provide the extra hands-on support you need. Our effective administrative tools and resources can also give you an in-depth analysis of company activities as well as assist with the designation of internal processes, so to ensure your transition will be as smooth as possible.
    The Over-Time Service is on call when deadlines need to be met and sometimes all you need is a little more time. Occasionally the best way to solve this sort of problem is to get more people on the job, and even more importantly, to make sure they’re not wasting your valuable time. By offering a service that gives you an extra pair of helping hands, lets your clients consistently receive all the productive returns you've invested into your special event and/or big banger projects.
Bringing It All Together...
  1. ‘Tasks’ are example office duties.
    Tasks can be any piece of work, listed on an agenda according to priority. ​Admin Assistance has summarised a few office duties called "Tasks", these examples should be able to help you identify exactly what type of work you need Admin Assistance to get done for you.
  2. ‘Packages’ are hourly time frames.
    The main reason for this service is your convenience. So, to make things as straight forward as possible, you get to decide when and how long you would like to use the service for, as well as how often. The 'Package Option’ gives you the ability to manage the frequency of your work and prioritise the completion of each task.
By collating your work in a segemented way, your business will get more out of the service options, plus you can leverage how much work you need to get done at any one time.​
 N.B The Senior Administrator has a current DBS clearance (2019), with relevant qualifications including Recruitment and First Aid training.  
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