1. Lucia Bellini
    Lucia Bellini
    "I work in a disabled people’s organisation, with clients who are often in crisis. My PA was able to work using her own initiative and did not need regular supervision or instructions. She was extremely organised and thorough in her approach. She also understood the importance of confidentiality as the information she had been managing was included as extremely sensitive information and breaches of confidentiality could have put my clients, who are vulnerable, at risk of further abuse and violence. I would happily re-employ my PA in an administration role as she has been of good assistance to me." Yours Lucia Bellini


  1. Thium Jewellery
    Stylish jewellery that not only looks great but lasts long too
  2. Supported Journeys
    Therapy treats behaviours and can break unhelpful patterns ​​
  3. ID Bruce
    Painter & Decorator
  4. JSG Metering Solutions
    Leading UK suppliers of Smart Electricity Meters​​
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