Where to Hire a Remote Administrator

Where to Hire a Remote Administrator

Is hiring remote staff more difficult for small businesses?

That’s a question that goes through the mind of many entrepreneurs who are at the stage of business growth. And the answer…, you just have to take a look at the big companies. Where did the big guys start? How did they do it?

In this blog small business owners’ find out where they can get extra help in the office.

When is the right time to hire remote staff?

Being in business can be a fast paced environment where things happen in the blink of an eye. Correct organisation, administration and management of business duties are paramount. However, solo-entrepreneurs, SME business owners and busy professionals usually don’t have the time to complete every single task while conducting core business duties at the same time. That’s why hiring a remote assistant is essential!

We all get the same 24 hours in a day and stretching yourself too thin is the easiest way to diminish your company’s potential for growth. If you’re too busy focusing on managing your office, capturing data, responding to queries and organising files as well as delivering projects – who then is going to focus on strategising, courting new clients and breaking into new territories? That is your real job after all! So answer this question, why are you so busy doing someone else’s job?

When there’s no other way forward and you’ve entered a slump, you’re wondering why your business is stalling or you finally realise there aren’t enough hours in the day, it’s definitely time to delegate your office duties. If for no other reason than to regain your sanity – here are 5 other reasons you should get a remote administrator;

Five Reasons To Hire A Remote Administrator:

  1. Avoid Being Overworked

If you’re constantly putting the work that needs doing on the backburner, you’re definitely overloaded. You don’t have to spend every waking hour in the office combing over emails, importing data, backing data up, conducting simple research and doing bookkeeping. Becoming an octopus “busy at work” doesn’t allow you to tackle crucial issues in your business, it really just diverts your attention away from where it’s needed most.

2. Leave It To The Experts

Just like what you do with other areas in business – leave the legal matters to lawyers, property matters to real estate agents, brokers and financial matters to accountants, marketing and business advice to the professionals. Likewise your administrative duties should be left to your administrator who will have the expertise and skills to manage these duties. We know being an entrepreneur or business owner means DIY is in your nature and oftentimes you’ll avoid relinquishing any control you have over certain aspects of the business. But by hiring a remote administrator to take care of all your administrative tasks will enable you to gain the time to prioritise what truly matters in your business.

3. Give Your Clients Great Service

While you’re focused on organising, data capturing and bookkeeping; your clients/customers, the lifeblood of your business, are being neglected. It’s the job of your remote administrator to manage the client/customer relationships – respond swiftly to queries, requests or maybe the odd complaint and then escalate any communication to the right people at the right time. And for the most part your remote administrator will make your clients feel like they’re the most important person to your business.

4. Get More Business

Now that your existing client base is sorted you have the opportunity to focus on getting more business and how better to do this than with content marketing? Your remote administrator can also complete the management and monitoring of your content marketing campaigns as well. Another duty off your to-do list!

5. Remove The Hurdles Of Hiring A Remote Administrator

Having a remote administrator is like having an in-house office administrator, the level of communication will be exactly the same as having someone physically in the office with you. But the real benefit for you…is not having to make space for a new employee. Instead of going through the tedious recruitment process, advertising, interviewing, hiring and managing a full time or part time in-house staff, you’re able to hire a remote administrator for as long as you need, and assign only specific duties. This is cost-effective and especially helpful during busy seasons like financial year end, scaling the company, live events, big marketing campaigns and new projects.

At Admin Assistance we’ve created packages to help categorise and simplify the office duties of a remote administrator, whilst at the same time offering our clients the very best service.

If you need to delegate your admin workload to experts and professionals, get in touch with us today.


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